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Application of diaper production line

Oct 13, 2023 | News

The application of diaper machine

1. The production line of this machine is mainly used to produce diaper shapes of various raw materials.

2. Widely used in the production of I shaped baby diapers, t shaped elastic ears baby diapers 4 ears, t shaped elastic ears baby diapers 2 ears, full surround elastic belt baby diapers, pull up diapers, etc.

3. We can design the machine according to the structure and shape of your sample products. For example, we can design machines to produce I-shaped baby diapers and others.

Main features of machine

1. High speed new baby diaper machine is suitable for making diaper shapes with different raw materials.

2. The diaper machine can produce I-T-shaped fluff pulp and ultra-thin diaper products, as well as four sizes (S.M.L.XL) baby diaper products.

3. Servo motor drive, with PLC control and touch screen.

4. High speed tooth crusher.

5. Web – wheel forming

6. Automatic detection and rejection of defective products and trim removal.

7. Stop the machine automatically when the material is broken or used up.

8. Man-machine interface is controlled by touch screen.

9. Safety protective door.

10. All electrical components are internationally renowned brands.

11. Non-stop phase adjustment during operation.

12. Fold diapers in thirds or double.

13. Automatic diaper counting and stacking.

Advantages of WM Company

1. We specialize in the research and development of a series of disposable diapers and sanitary products manufacturing machines, such as baby diaper machine, sanitary napkin machine, etc. We also export raw materials, diapers, sanitary napkins and other sanitary products.

2. We have great advantages in technology, quality and competitive price. It has obtained more than 100 national patents as a “national high-tech enterprise”.

3. We have 100 exquisite production technicians, the machine can be designed according to customer requirements. Provide OEM services and different grades of raw materials to overseas customers.

4. A number of precision CNC parts production lines and our factory production workshop 7000 square meters.

5. Exports to more than 94 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Middle East countries.

6. Our service process:

① according to customer requirements design machine;

② Agree on product quality and technical standards;

(3) Sign sales and service contracts;

(4) Produce products according to quality standards;

⑤ Installation, adjustment and training;

⑥ Establish customer files and maintain them regularly;

⑦ Follow up product quality information feedback, continuous improvement.