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Automatic Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machines With Quality Full Servo Equipment

Jan 3, 2024 | Company News, News

As hygiene product diaper machine manufacturers strive for efficient, sterilized mass production, state-of-the-art full servo machines automate complex workflows safely and precisely. WOMENG Machinery is a leading supplier of full servo sanitary napkin equipment.

Fully Enclosed Production

China full servo sanitary napkin machine features enclosed housing and sterilized interiors meeting ISO14644 standards. Automatic doors and UV sterilization between batches prevent contamination.

Modular Workflows

Workstations integrate individual modules like full servo cutting, stacking, wrapping, sealing and packing in linear or circular configurations tailored to production needs.

Centralized Control

All processes synchronize via branded PLC control for centralized recipes, monitoring and data collection. Touchscreens enable intuitive operation by workers.

Precise Manufacturing

Servo motors position materials and components with micrometer accuracy at high speeds. Force sensors detect jams without damage to substrates.

Product Compatibility

Lines reliably convert any absorbent raw material like pulp, polymer or composites. Automated tool-less changeovers switch between stock types or product formats within minutes through automatic sanitary napkin machine.

Quality Assurance

In-line inspection with cameras, weight checks and RFID tracking verify each finished item meets specifications before packaging. Adjustments maintain consistency.

Remote Diagnostics

Industry 4.0 connectivity via secure networks enables remote video assistance, predictive maintenance alerts from engineers, and automatic data backups.

WOMENG Machinery as leading china sanitary napkin machine factory, aims to strengthen global producers’ competitiveness through sanitary napkin equipment renowned for hygienic automation, flexible customization, and maximizing output of affordable quality products worldwide.