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Automating Hygiene Production For Global Markets – sanitary napkin production line

Dec 4, 2023 | Company News, News

As women’s health brands expand worldwide, reliable mass production streamlines access. WOMENG Machinery develops integrated lines maximizing absorbent hygiene outputs.

Fully Automated Sanitary Napkin Production Line

SmartPMS control automates entire napkin creation. High-speed cut-and-place machines assemble multi-layered cores with absorbent panels and protective wraps at rates up to 500 pcs/min.

Customizable Configurations

Modular designs integrate individual workstations for cutting, gluing, wrapping and packaging. Robotic arms seamlessly handle materials between processes. Scale from pilot to megaton capacities.

Material Flexibility

Lines by China sanitary napkin production line manufacturer, accept cellulose fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer, cotton, nonwoven and composite fabrics. Sensors detect jams from varied substrates. Quick changeovers switch formats.

Quality Assurance Stations

Inspection systems like x-rays detect defects too minor for the human eye, such as displaced superabsorbents or missing components. Alerts prompt automatic rejection.

Hygienic Design

Smooth surfaces and sealed electric components meet stringent ISO14644 certifications. Automatic washdowns purge residue between production runs for multiple product handling.

Remote Monitoring

Industrial IoT connectivity via HMI displays and cloud-based dashboards provides performance data and error diagnostics to engineers worldwide. Predictive maintenance optimizes uptime.

As global access to dignified feminine care expands, WOMENG leads mass production innovation for the world’s most trusted brands through optimized, automated hygiene lines.