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Choose WOMENG Adult Diaper Without Worry

May 25, 2024 | Company News, News

WOMENG – as one of the best adult diaper machine manufacturers, we devote ourselves into producing efficient full servo adult diaper making machine.

As the global trend towards an aging population intensifies, the number of seniors is surging steadily, and the swell in the elderly population indirectly contributes to an uptick in the number of older adults suffering from health conditions that impede control over bodily functions. Except this, people demand of comfort and hygiene products is on the rise too. All of these phenomena are the reasons of the demands of Adult Diaper Growing year by year. In addition, the worldwide market for adult diapers is predicted to see an approximate growth of US$4.75 billion by 2026. Therefore, machines that can efficiently produce high-quality diapers have become a hot product.

To cater the market demand, our company launched key product, it is full automatic adult diapers making machines for light incontinence pads. In recent years, China full automatic adult diaper machine has reached a high level in design and technology, our company is not exception.

Adult Diaper Production

The features of full automatic adult diapers making machines for light incontinence pads

  • Extreme Automation: These appliances are typically kitted out with a total automatic control system. They accomplish automated production through a programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen user interface. This includes automated aspects such as feeding, cutting, shaping, and packaging.
  • Production Pace and Efficiency: The design speed typically varies between 150 and 400 pieces on a per-minute scale. Though the actual production speed may be marginally lesser, it upholds marked efficiency and caters to the prerequisites of bulk production.
  • Variety in Product Specifications: The equipment is proficient in delivering mild incontinence pads of contrasting specifications and dimensions, catering to the variant consumer needs in the market. The machine parameters can be adjusted and a part of the mold can be replaced to achieve this
  • Exemplary Quality Control: The machine comes equipped with an online monitoring and quality control mechanism. It keeps real-time tabs on each junction of the production process to safeguard the consistent quality of each diaper—this spans aspects such as absorbent core integrity, fit, and edge processing.
  • Energy Efficiency and Environment-Friendly: Modern, fully automated diaper manufacturing machinery often incorporates energy-saving features, aiming to slash energy expenditure and minimize waste emissions during the production process by optimizing the waste treatment system.
  • User-Friendly Design: The operational interface employs a touch screen design, offering a user-friendly interaction platform, making maneuvering simpler and more intuitive. Besides, machines usually come with detailed user manuals and failure diagnosis systems, assisting operators in swiftly troubleshooting.
  • Safety Measures: In an endeavor to guarantee operator safety, the machine is outfitted with an array of safety protection tools, inclusive of an emergency stop button, safety doors, and protective covers.
  • Post-Sales Assistance and Support: Several manufacturers extend comprehensive after-sales services, which involve installation and tuning, operational training, and technical support, etc. This ensures customers experience seamless equipment utilization and maintain efficient production.

The adult diaper production is a hot manufacturing industry, what our company focus is devote to give you’re the best machines and the best service.