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Diaper leak? Don’t panic. Are you wearing the right one? Philippine diaper machine

Oct 13, 2023 | Industry News, News

Diaper leak? Don’t panic. Are you wearing the right one? Philippine diaper machine

In the process of the baby’s growth, diapers are one of the necessities, and many mothers will have their own exclusive secrets when shopping. But every time I put on diapers for my baby, there will always be leakage of urine. Sometimes I may just wet my clothes, or sometimes I may wet my sheets and bedding. What is the matter? Is it the poor quality of diapers? Or didn’t you put on the right diapers for your baby?

The baby always leaks urine when wearing diapers. It is really possible that the parents did not wear the right diapers for the baby. Especially in autumn and winter, the baby wears a lot of clothes. Once he gets wet, he has to wash a lot of clothes, pants and bedding. If the situation is serious, it may cause the baby to catch a cold. How should the baby’s diapers be worn so as not to leak urine?Philippine diaper machine
It’s important to choose the right size
The outer package of diapers has size recommendations related to the weight range, which is suitable for babies with different body types, heights, waist and leg circumference. Therefore, parents should choose the size of diapers suitable for their babies, so as not to be too tight or too loose, resulting in urine leakage. The size of arason microporous diapers is the same as the mainstream size in the market. A variety of sizes are suitable for the growth of babies and can be selected with confidence.Philippine diaper machine

Prevent rear leakage and lift the back
The baby is prone to back leakage when sleeping, so when changing the diapers before sleeping, the back of the diapers can be pulled slightly higher than the abdomen, which can effectively prevent urine from leaking out from the back of the baby’s buttocks. Arason microporous diapers have a widened and enlarged 360 degree three-dimensional embracing elastic waist, which can fully wrap the baby’s waist and provide comprehensive protection for the baby.Philippine diaper machine

Side leakage prevention: erect the leakage prevention side
The steps of putting diapers on your baby are tearing them apart, putting your baby on them and pasting them. Is that all? No, and remember to straighten out the leakage prevention edge on the inner thigh by hand to effectively prevent side leakage. The double-layer ventilation and side leakage prevention design of the alason microporous diaper for babies conforms to ergonomics, easily fits the baby’s body curve, and allows the baby to move freely.