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WOMENG Core Products: Full Automatic Adult Diapers Making Machines for Light Incontinence Pads

May 15, 2024 | Company News, News

Quanzhou Womeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional diaper making machine Ltd in China. We focuse on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of Full Automatic Adult Diapers Making Machines for Light Incontinence Pads since 2016. The products cover adult diaper production, such as sanitary napkin equipment, diaper equipment, pant equipment, mattress equipment, pad equipment, etc.

Description of Adult Diaper Production

The fully automatic mild incontinence pad adult diaper making machine is an automated equipment specially used to produce adult diapers. The technological process of diaper production machinery is a strip-type assembly line, which has fast production speed, high reliability and convenient operation.

Our diaper production equipment has complete functions. It integrates multiple process steps and can produce economical and high-end diaper products. It can produce large, medium and small standards by replacing a few parts. It is easy to change numbers and realizes the process from raw materials to finished diapers. of automated production.

Our Full Automatic Adult Diapers Making Machines advantages and features

1.Highly automated

This manufacturing machine automates the diaper production process through precise robotic arms, conveyor belts and automated control systems. This includes steps such as automatic feeding, forming, laminating, cutting, assembling, folding and packaging of raw materials.

2.Precise control

The adult diaper making machine is equipped with advanced touch screen control and PLC program control, providing human-machine dialogue interface and graphical control to ensure that each production step can be accurately executed. This helps ensure consistent size, shape and quality of diapers.

3.Efficient production

By optimizing the production process and improving production efficiency, the fully automatic mild incontinence pad adult diaper making machine can achieve large-scale, high-efficiency production. This helps meet market demand while reducing production costs.

We use a tooth-type grinder and a cotton core mesh wheel to demould to achieve quantitative application of polymers. While the raw materials are actively uncoiled, controlled with constant tension, and automatically changed and spliced, it can detect and alarm material breakage and shortage, and reject waste products at the splicing head; products can be automatically counted and bagged, which is convenient and fast.

4.Strong adaptability

The swivel tool holder adopts a column structure and has automatic non-stop phase adjustment. The adult diaper machine can adapt to the production needs of adult diapers of different specifications and types. By adjusting parameters and changing molds, different product lines can be easily switched.

5.Quality control

The full automatic adult diapers making machines has built-in strict quality control and testing mechanisms to ensure that every production link meets standards. This helps produce adult diaper products that are safe, reliable and of consistent quality.

Our products cover multiple functions such as automatic feeding, mixing, forming, pressing, cutting, assembly, folding and packaging of raw materials. The unique humanized design makes it easy to operate. At the same time, it is also very important to pay attention to the safety and environmental protection of the equipment. Ensure that the manufacturing machine meets safety standards during operation and take necessary protective measures to prevent accidents. At the same time, we pay attention to the energy consumption and emissions of equipment, and adopt energy-saving and environmentally friendly designs and technologies to reduce the impact on the environment.

In general, the diaper manufacturing machine is the key equipment to achieve large-scale and high-efficiency production of diapers. Through the rational use and maintenance of equipment, as well as the adoption of advanced production processes and technologies, the production efficiency and quality level of diaper manufacturing machines can be further improved, meeting market demand and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

We are the leader in China full automatic adult diaper machine industry and can provide you with a complete set of adult diaper production line production equipment,OEM/ODM and customized services are available . Welcome to contact us.