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Short Description:

  • Power:380V, 50HZ three phase five wire
  • Machine Capacity:150KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor)
  • Bleed pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa (Air compressor needs to be prepared by customers)
  • Machine weight:90 Tons approximately

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Product Detail

Introducing an evolution in diaper production equipment, our Baby Diaper Production Line is a specter of new-age efficiency and stability, expertly tailored to streamline the manufacturing of baby and adult diapers. With robust production capabilities and a guarantee of premium product quality, we’re dedicated to perfecting the art of diaper manufacturing from start to finish.

Enhancing operational efficiency, elevating product standards, and focusing on innovative customization options, our line is designed to exceed expectations—an indispensable asset in the field of diaper production.

Unveiling the Advantages of Our Baby Diaper Production Line

  • Peak Production Efficiency: Showcasing a remarkable capability to output up to 800 diapers per minute, our line far surpasses its industry counterparts, substantially accelerating production rates and significantly compressing the production cycle for maximum profits.
  • Adaptable Size Flexibility: Leveraging an innovative size control system, our line ensures the effortless crafting of perfectly-sized diapers, addressing the diverse demands of both baby and adult markets.
  • Strategically Designed Material Utilization: Emphasizing sustainable production, our line employs a unique material usage strategy that maximizes resource efficiency, contributing to cost savings and supporting environmental initiatives.
  • Superior Diaper Quality: Commitment to excellence is our mantra, as we produce diapers recognized for their high absorbency, breathability, and soft touch—enhancing the end-user experience and upholding our dedication to creating unparalleled quality.
  • Simplified Maintenance: User-friendly by design, our machine offers straightforward maintenance with easily accessible components, streamlining cleaning and part replacement for a seamless operational experience.
  • Robust & Long-Lasting Operation: Constructed from high-grade, wear-resistant materials, our Baby Diaper Production Line promises long-term, stable operation—a testament to its uncompromising durability and strength.
  • World-Class Global Service: Wherever you may be, our all-encompassing after-sales service network is poised and ready. Our professional team is at the ready to provide comprehensive solutions and on-the-spot assistance, affirming seamless production continuity.

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