China Diaper Making Machine Price Products

Short Description:

  • Power:380V, 50HZ three phase five wire
  • Machine Capacity:150KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor)
  • Bleed pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa (Air compressor needs to be prepared by customers)
  • Machine weight:90 Tons approximately

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Product Detail

Our diaper making machine price represents a new, efficient, and stable mechanism in diaper production, intricately devised for making baby and adult diapers. We boast robust production capability and assure high-quality products. We are dedicated to fulfilling diaper production to the utmost level.The diaper making machine price enhances production efficacy, improves the quality of diapers, minimizes material waste, and offers innovative user customization services with a superior threshold. It ranks as the prime choice in the realm of diaper production.

The advantages offered by our diaper making machine price encompass:

1. Productive Execution: The diaper machine has a prodigious production capacity, churning out up to 800 diapers every minute, far surpassing diaper machines in the same category. This massive production speed and shortened manufacturing cycle for varied diaper categories bring about increased output and benefits for the business.
2. Flexible Administration: The novel size control system allows for the easy manufacture of diapers in varied sizes to cater to a range of different needs. We can flawlessly produce sizes from babies to adults, small to large.
3. Distinctive Design: The diaper machine features a unique material usage strategy, ensuring optimal usage of every inch of material, thereby reducing production costs and contributing to environmental conservation.
4. Superior Quality: The diapers churned out from the diaper machine are highly moisturizing, comfortable, breathable, offer improved tactility, and enhance the user experience. We are committed to producing top-quality diapers.
5. Effortless Maintenance: The machine is designed simply and enables easy daily maintenance. All parts are easily accessible for swift cleaning and replacement.
6. Resilient and Long-lasting: The diaper machine is built from high-quality mediums, is resistant to wear and tear, and can operate consistently in the long run.
7. Global Assistance: No matter the geographical location, we can offer you global after-sales service. We have a competent after-sales service team ready to address any issues at any given point.

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