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Short Description:

  • Machine Capacity:225KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor)
  • Bleed pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa (Air compressor needs to be prepared by customers)

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Product Detail

Our diaper manufacturing machine is a professional machine for making baby and adult diapers. It has excellent productivity and stable performance, which can effectively reduce material waste while ensuring the high quality of diapers. The diaper manufacturing machine price not only improves production efficiency but also improves the quality of diapers and reduces material waste. It is an ideal choice for all companies that need to improve quality and efficiency in the field of diaper production.

Choosing our diaper manufacturing machine will bring you the following advantages:

1.Cost-effective production:The manufacturing process encompassed by our diaper machine streamlines production by automating complex tasks, significantly cutting down on labor expenses and reducing waste materials. This automation translates into substantial cost savings, making the operation economically advantageous.
2.Minimum downtime:Designed with durability at its core, the machine promises minimal interruptions. The straightforward maintenance it requires ensures that production keeps moving forward without significant pauses.
3.Product customization:Multiple features, such as custom embossing and multiple accessory options, allow for the creation of unique, customized diaper products.
4.Energy efficiency:The energy-saving design of the machine reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing operating costs and achieving an environmentally friendly production process.
5.Robust structure:The sturdy configuration of the machine takes into account the service life and can withstand the needs of 24/7 manufacturing cycles.

There are several application areas for our diaper manufacturing machine price:

1.Baby diapers:Precisely make delicate components of baby diapers and pay attention to the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.
2.Adult incontinence products:Adapt to the production of absorbent and concealed adult incontinence products with different absorption levels.
3.Specialty diapers:Able to produce environmentally friendly, biodegradable diapers or products with special functions for niche markets.

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