China Diapers Machine For Sale

Short Description:

  • Power:380V, 50HZ three phase five wire
  • Machine Capacity:150KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor)
  • Bleed pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa (Air compressor needs to be prepared by customers)
  • Machine weight:90 Tons approximately

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Product Detail

Embark on a journey of transformation in the diaper manufacturing industry with our Baby Diaper Production Line – your gateway to producing high-caliber baby and adult diapers. Boasting a seamless blend of speed, precision, and durability, this machine is tailored to enhance your productivity while maintaining the highest standards of product quality.

Our Baby Diaper Production Line is more than just a machine; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to tackle the dynamic challenges in diaper production. Equipped with advanced technology, it effortlessly transforms a variety of soft, absorbent, and elastic raw materials into premium diapers, all while delivering efficiency, precise control, and continuous production capabilities.

Advantages of Our Baby Diaper Production Line:

  1. Incredible Production Rate: Prepare to boost your output with the capability to produce up to 800 quality diapers per minute, leaving conventional production speeds far behind.
  2. Exceptional Size Precision: The inclusion of a sophisticated size management system ensures diapers are crafted to accommodate the diverse body types of babies and adults alike, offering a snug, leak-proof fit for all ages.
  3. Maximized Material Efficiency: Meticulous engineering allows the machine to optimize raw material usage, curtailing production costs while upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  4. Superior Diaper Quality: Each diaper produced on our line meets exceptional standards for absorbency, breathability, and softness – ensuring each product is the best it can be.
  5. Built to Last: Reliability is key in production equipment. Crafted from durable materials, our Baby Diaper Production Line stands up to the test of high-frequency, long-term operation.
  6. Unified Production Workflow: From material input to the final packaging, our machine executes diaper production cohesively, heightening efficiency, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing error potential.
  7. Global Support Network: No matter where your operations are based, our dedicated after-sales service team is equipped to provide exhaustive support, offering remote diagnostics and on-site assistance as required.

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