Lady Pants Production Line

Lady sanitary pants are hot in recent years in the sales of products, this product combines the characteristics of sanitary napkins and diapers, easy to wear and take off, a full range of menstrual women’s buttocks, and has a stronger absorption than sanitary napkins, to help women ensure that menstrual blood will not extravasate to dirty clothes and other items.

Distinguish The Lady Sanitary Pants With Baby Diapers

Although the appearance of lady sanitary pants is very similar to baby diapers, lady sanitary pants are still fundamentally different from baby diapers, so in production, the raw materials can not be exactly the same, and the tailoring is different. Because menstrual blood and urine are not the same in consistency, density and chemical composition, the material used to absorb menstrual blood is special, and women’s sanitary pants generally do not use the pasted on and off method, but will be made into a complete underwear shape, and the side seam has an easy to tear interface.

Our lady sanitary pants production lines are also simple and efficient to complete the production, interested buyers please read on!

WOMENG, A Leading Manufacturer Of Women’s Sanitary Pants Production Line in China

Sanitary pants for ladies are usually made of cotton materials, including fabric, cushions, and absorbent layers. Because menstrual blood is more viscous, but the total amount will not reach as much as urine. So women’s sanitary pants do not have resin absorbent core, however, directly use pure cotton as the absorption part. Except for the crotch, which is long enough to absorb, the rest is made of lightweight cotton mesh, which ensures pants to be skin-friendly and breathable.

In addition, lady sanitary pants will not be made into a piece, but will be made into the shape of underwear, which we have already mentioned, so in the production of lady sanitary pants, the side seam to be “welded”. This is also a unique feature of our women’s sanitary pants machines.

Performance characteristics of our lady sanitary pants production lines
Our lady sanitary pants manufacturing production line has a complete safety control system, drive system, correction system, etc.

These systems can operate efficiently to ensure that your lady sanitary pants production does not make mistakes. In addition, the driving power of our lady sanitary pants production line is 380V, 50HZ three phase five wire, the rated capacity is 400KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor), for such power and voltage, WOMENG, China leading manufacturer in lady sanitary pants machines can guarantee the best performance in this range.

WOMENG Always Supplies Quality Lady Sanitary Pants Production Line

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