Sanitary Napkin Production Line

Sanitary napkins are the most commonly used menstrual hygiene products for contemporary women. The main material of sanitary napkins is polymer and polymer composite paper formed by cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp or above material complex. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage. It is divided into surface layer, absorption core and bottom three layers from inside to outside. Two wings should be glued to the narrowest part of the crotch.

The production of sanitary napkins has high health and safety standards, and the automatic sanitary napkin making machine must be made of raw materials, standard parts, and accessories in line with the provisions of national and relevant industry standards. WOMENG is a first-class factory of sanitary napkin machines among mass of sanitary napkin machine manufacturers in China, specializing in supplying sanitary napkin production machine for major brands in the world. The production is legal and compliant, and the customers’ satisfaction evaluation is numerous.

The Composition Of Sanitary Napkin Production Line

The production line of sanitary napkins mainly consists of feeding, cutting, pressing, folding, packaging and other processes. The specific process is as follows:

1. Feeding process: Put raw materials into the feeding machine for processing.
2. Cutting process: The processed raw materials are cut according to a certain size.
3. Pressing process: The cut raw materials are hot pressed to make it have a certain hardness and robustness.
4. Folding process: Fold and stack the pressed raw materials according to certain specifications.
5. Packaging process: Pack the folded sanitary napkins and carry out quality inspection.

Therefore, the sanitary napkin machine is a large machine, which mainly contains these components:

(1) Feeding system. (2) Conveying system. (3) Deviation correction system. (4) Tension control system. (5) Hot pressing system. (6) Suction system. (7) Transmission system. (8) Phase regulation system. (9) Sizing system. (10) Packaging system. (11) Electrical system. (12) Scrap suction system. (13) Camera system. (14) Cooling system. (15) Eliminate the waste system. (16) Dust removal system.

Benefits Of WOMENG Sanitary Napkin Machines

1, sanitary napkin machine with double knife, double mode, double channeling, can produce different lengths of different styles of strip packaging or fast and easy packaging sanitary napkin.
2, the adjustment of the knife, the mold and the guide groove are all using pneumatic equipment, which is convenient to adjust and extend the service life of the knife mold and the guide groove.
3, the main work of the vertical and horizontal conversion of special equipment, conversion packaging form is simple and convenient, easy to operate.
4, the use of gear shift dual-shaft transmission when changing the standard, saving time and improving work efficiency.
5, smooth work, low noise.

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