The company has a professionally trained and evaluated installation, commissioning and maintenance team, which can provide users with a full range of services.

According to the actual situation of electricity consumption provided by the customer, provide the best configuration plan of economical and applicable equipment.

Recommend product raw material suppliers for customers’ reference.

It is recommended that customers hire professional equipment operation technicians from China to avoid the increase of equipment defective rate caused by unskilled operators, and assist customers to get acquainted with equipment faster and generate benefits as soon as possible.

Our after-sales service


The company has a training center that holds equipment training meetings from time to time to introduce customers to the operation, use, maintenance, and training of maintenance personnel. It can also go to the factory to provide on-site training at the request of customers.


Installation and Commissioning

The company sends technicians to install and debug production according to customer needs.When the equipment is debugged, under the guidance of our company’s technicians, we will conduct technical training for users, including normal maintenance and maintenance.

After-sales Service

The company provides customers with a 12-month warranty.
Regularly conduct after-sales tracking services to customers.

Order Notice

When ordering, please indicate the voltage, plant planning, product technology, product positioning, product specifications, and technical requirements of the customer’s location.The customer provides a simple floor plan of the workshop so that our company can assist the customer to plan the workshop reasonably and reduce the increase in labor due to the unreasonable workshop planning and the increase in cost.