Pet Diaper Machine

For many people who hesitate to adopt a pet, pet excretion is the biggest source of hesitation. Pets’ behavior can’t be completely controlled, and teaching them to use the pet toilet regularly can be difficult, and accidents happen all the time. For people who already have pets, even if they have successfully learned to find their own toilet through difficulties, they face a new problem when they go out with pets: cleaning up pet store waste on the road is their responsibility, but the job is actually a little uncomfortable. At this time, pet diapers can help them. It can be believed that pet diapers will become a hot sale product today when people pay more and more attention to spiritual pursuit.

If you want to join the promising industry of pet products in time, we sincerely invite you to learn about our pet diaper machine. We are Womeng, a specialized manufacturer of machines from China.

The Application Of Pet Diapers

1. Daily travel or home use.
2. Pet menstrual use.
3. Use for sick pets.

All in all, as long as the pet owner can not solve the pet waste in a timely manner, or the pet is unable to control the situation, pet diapers can play a role.

In addition to pet diapers, there are many similar pet hygiene products, such as pet urine pads, bed sheets, etc., which are pet products that have been widely used and recognized compared to pet diapers. We have specialized production machines for these categories.

Pet Diaper Production

Pet diapers and pads are similar to human diapers, only smaller, and need to leave a hole for the pet’s tail, the same sandwich structure, consisting of a mesh that contacts the skin, an inner core that absorbs liquid, and a film that is exposed to the outside world.

Bed sheets for pets are slip-on MATS made of special materials, which have the effect of cushioning, resisting dirt and emitting odors.

Pet bed sheet is also composed of chemical fiber smooth fabric and soft absorbent internal force, also need to mix the raw materials after splicing and pressing.

Performance Advantages Of Pet Diaper Machines

Our pet diaper manufacturing machine has a complete safety control system, drive system, correction system, tension systemetic. These systems can operate efficiently to ensure that your lady sanitary pants production does not make mistakes.

In addition, the driving power of our pet diaper machine is 380V, 50HZ three phase five wire, the rated capacity is 180KW (Excluding glue machine and air compressor), for such power and voltage.

WOMENG Worth To Be A Reputed Lady sanitary Pants Factory in China

WOMENG, China’s leading manufacturer in lady sanitary pants machines, promise to provide the best performance and in this rank of capacity.

In addition, our custom service is very complete, you can decide the size of the pet diaper machine, you can also have your logo printed on it, all services you can get at a cheap wholesale price.

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