Adult Diaper Production

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Adult diapers are a hot sale product. And like baby diapers, adult diapers pants have a strong absorption, solving the difficulty of adults in urination. When it comes to adult diapers, many people directly associate them with incontinence. Indeed, this is the biggest reason to buy adult diapers.

Adult Diapers By WOMENG Production Machines With Wide Range Applications

However, in fact, there are many places in life where adult diapers may be used: for example, pregnant women will encounter difficulties in going to the toilet, patients after surgery feel not easy to leave the bed, and even in the case of traffic jams where people can’t go to the toilet for a long time, adult diapers are applied.

Adult diapers are made of several simple materials, through a simple process, so now this process can be directly completed by a adult diaper machine which WOMENG Machine ltd. A from China newly launched.

The Production Process Of Diapers

1.Material preparation: First of all, we need to prepare a variety of raw materials, including non-woven fabrics, absorbent resins, fluff pulp, hot melt adhesive, etc. These materials are subject to hygienic standards and quality requirements.
2.Making absorption core: the non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive and absorbent resin are superimposed together in a certain proportion, and then the absorption core is formed by hot pressing at high temperature.
3.Processing surface and outer layer: the non-woven fabric and soft fluff paste are superimposed together in a certain proportion, and are processed by hot pressing to form the surface and outer layer.
4.Assembly: The absorption core, the surface layer and the outer layer are superimposed together in a certain order, and then processed through a large production line for cutting, sealing, drilling, etc., to form a complete diaper.

As long as the materials are ready, the rest of the work can be handed over to Womeng China’s adult diaper machine.

The Driving Systems Of The Adult Diaper Machine

In order to stay ahead of The times and increase production efficiency, WOMENG, as China adult diaper machines manufacturer and supplier, use advanced servo systems, which are feedback control systems used to accurately follow or reproduce a process.

Meanwhile, our adult diaper production lines for sale can be divided into full servo adult diaper machines and semi-servo adult diaper machines. Both of them are accurate and efficient, and each of them has its own advantages. Welcome to visit our website and inquiry the adult diaper production machine you need. Then WOMENG will service you with competitive price.

In addition, we also produce and wholesale fully automatic adult diaper machines that are easier and faster to operate. Continence pad manufacturing machines are also part of our professional production line.

Benefits Of WOMENG Intelligent Equipment In Diaper Machines Industry

As China’s leading adult diaper making machine factory, we stand out among many adult diaper manufacturing companies because we have the following advantages:

  • WOMENG has been involved in diaper machine production almost 20 years experiences.
  • It is an enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of paper equipment.
  • We own professional sales and technical teams, complete supporting facilities.