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WOMENG Produces Full Automatic Adult Diapers Manufacturing Machines

Mar 11, 2024 | Company News, News

Welcome to WOMENG, a leading adult diaper machine manufacturers in China. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing machines are designed to produce high-quality adult diapers with efficiency and precision. Today, we will explore the full automatic adult diaper manufacturing machines because of its excellent functions and features.

WOMENG Adult Diaper Machines With Specific Parameter To Meet Foreign Customers

  • WOMENG adult diaper machines are capable of producing diapers in three different sizes:
  • M (680X450),
  • L (800X650),
  • XL (950X760).
  • Meanwhile, the control system of our machines utilizes PLC technology, with an HMI operating on the LED touch screen.
  • Additionally, our machines are equipped with a high-definition TV monitor for enhanced visibility and control.

Tension System:

The tension system of our adult diaper machine is designed to ensure smooth and consistent operation. The top tissue paper, bottom tissue paper, hydrophobic nonwoven (leg cuff), top nonwoven, ADL, back sheet, and elastic nonwoven are all actively unwound using A&B shafts driven by inverter motors. This ensures precise tension control and minimizes any potential material wastage.

Machine Capacity:

Our adult diaper machines have a total power capacity of 400KW (excluding the glue machine and air compressor). With this powerful capacity, our machines can handle high-volume production requirements, ensuring a steady supply of adult diapers.

Machine Weight:

The weight of our adult diaper machine is approximately 90 tons. This robust build ensures stability and durability, allowing for long-term and reliable operation.

Adult Diaper Manufacturing Machines Feature High Quality

Designed Speed:

Our adult diaper machines are capable of operating at a designed speed of over 400 pieces per minute. This high-speed production capability enables efficient and timely manufacturing of adult diapers, meeting the demands of the market.

Production Speed:

The production speed of our machines ranges from 150 to 400 pieces per minute. This adjustable speed allows for flexibility in production, accommodating varying customer requirements and preferences.

Computer Control Panel:

Our adult diaper machines are equipped with a user-friendly computer control panel. This panel enables operators to easily monitor and adjust the machine settings, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

At WOMENG, we take pride in our full automatic adult diaper manufacturing machines and diaper packaging machine. With advanced specifications, robust features, and efficient production capabilities. The machines from diaper packaging machine suppliers are the perfect choice for business in the adult diaper industry. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how they can revolutionize your adult diaper manufacturing process.