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Enhancing Hygiene Underpads Product Manufacturing with Intelligent Automation

Nov 28, 2023 | Company News, News

As consumer demand grows globally for absorbent hygiene articles, manufacturers require production solutions maximizing output quality and efficiency. Pioneer machinery developer WOMENG Engineers deploys advanced full servo technology achieving new standards. Meanwhile, WOMENG, as leading sanitary napkins making machine supplier, provides WOMENG underpad making machine fully servo machine.

Full Servo Automatic Changing Pad Production Line

WOMENG’s changing pad line automates core processes via independent servomotors. High-precisionmodules precisely cut, assemble, inspect and package pads at speeds to 60,000 units daily with zero defect tolerance. Real-time diagnostics ensure consistency.

Full Servo Automatic High Speed Sanitary Napkin Production Line

This integrated system manufactures sanitary napkins from raw material intake to finished packaging. Independent servo controls synchronize each 150 operationsfrom fiber opening and web forming to intricate multi-layer wrapping.Rates reach an astounding 100,000 units per shift.

Servo Benefits

Independent digital motors precisely synchronize all motions without risk of mechanical interference. High-torque output handles intricate converting processes better than pneumatic systems. Programmability permits swift format changes.

Quality Assurance Systems

Optical and weight inspection stations identify anomalies for automatic rejection. Sterile manufacturing environments use HEPA filtration. Traceability software documents parameters ensuring regulatory compliance.

Advanced Touchscreen Controls

User-friendly HMI screens provide intuitive operation, production monitoring and data diagnostics from anywhere via network connectivity. Training requires minimal time investment.

Remote Service Access

WOMENG engineers remotely access systems to update software, configure automation and diagnose issues, minimizing costly downtime compared to traditional machinery without IoT capabilities.

Global Project Engineering

As the hygiene product sector expands globally, WOMENG tailors production solutions exactly to client processes and capacities. Onsite training and support assure seamless commissioning.

Leveraging full servo automation, WOMENG pioneers manufacturing efficiency in absorbent hygiene. Intelligent, Industry 4.0-enabled technology supportingWOMENG lines drives the industry forward through unmatched quality and output.

China Sanitary Napkin Manufacturer – WOMENG

Full servo China manufacturer udnerpad making machine from WOMENG already win the oversea cusotmers praise. In additionally, WOMENG as leading manufacturer of underpads, also provides pads for womeng sanitary napkins making machine sanitary napkin production line. Please contact with us to inquiry competitive price for our advanced equipment.