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How many pounds can a size S diaper be used for? Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery

Oct 13, 2023 | Industry News, News

many pounds can a size S diaper be used for? Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery.

I  believe that many small partners are currently interested in how many kilograms of diapers are suitable for s size diapers, so Xiaobian also collected some information on the Internet today about how many pounds of diapers suitable for s size diapers are suitable to share with you, I hope it can help Oh everyone.Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery

1. Generally, size s diapers are suitable for babies weighing 6 to 16 pounds. How many pounds of diapers in size S is suitable for a baby should be determined according to the brand of diapers and the baby’s body shape. There are certain standard sizes for diapers worn by babies. Nb size and S size are two different sizes of diapers.Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery

2. Diapers are commonly used daily necessities for babies, also known as diapers, diapers, and pull-up pants. Due to their strong water absorption, they are commonly known as “diapers”.Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery

3. Diapers originated from the urination of astronauts, and are generally composed of three main parts: the surface covering layer, the absorbing core layer and the base cloth.

4. The excellent material for making babArgentina Sanitary napkin machineryy diapers is superabsorbent resin, which is made of starch and acrylate as the main raw materials.Argentina Sanitary napkin machinery