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How to buy the diaper packaging machine?

Apr 18, 2024 | Company News, News

When you decide to buy a new diaper making line into your factory, you better start working on these things. Decide the kind of diaper your factory will make and the type of diaper making machine and diaper packaging machine you should figure out. In the market, there have adult diaper, baby diaper and lady diaper, and they all have their specific machine for making and packaging.

The baby diaper making machine

The baby diaper making machine usually include four parts, and each one has their specific function.

  • Core Formation Machine: to ensure the diaper have a good ability of water absorbency, the machine has indispensable contribution. This machine makes absorbent core of the baby diaper. The absorbent core typically uses the fluff pulp and superabsorbent polymer as material. Then the machine layers and bonds the materials together into a continuous core.
  • Top Sheet and Back Sheet Lamination Machine: These machines laminate the top sheet (the part that comes into contact with the baby’s fresh skin) and back sheet (the outer layer) onto the absorbent core. You may be curious why do diapers not fall apart after absorbing urine? Because the top sheet and back sheet use adhesives and heat to bond the layers securely.
  • Elastic Waistband Application Machine: Baby diapers often have elastic waistbands for a snug fit. Elastic waistband application machines apply and secure elastic bands along the waistline of the diaper during production.
  • Leg Cuff and Leak Guard Application Machine: These machines apply leg cuffs and leak guards to the sides of the diaper to provide additional leakage protection. They are typically applied along the edges of the diaper before final assembly.
  • Diaper Cutting and Shaping Machine: after the various components are assembled, the cutting and shaping machine cuts the diapers to size and shapes them according to the desired design. It can ensure precise cutting and shaping of multiple diapers simultaneously for us, we even not to operate it manually.

That’s all the components of the baby diaper making machine.

The types of baby diaper packing machine

  • Individual Diaper Packaging Machine: This machine can package individual baby diapers into bags or pouches. It typically includes features for precise counting, filling, and sealing. The individual packaging can prevent the bacterial from the external environment then the baby’s fresh skin cannot be damage. It can also ensure each diaper is packaged hygienically.
  • Multi-Pack Packaging Machine: For baby diapers sold in multi-pack configurations, such as jumbo packs or economy packs, a multi-packaging machine is used. It can package multiple diapers into larger bags or cartons efficiently.
  • Diaper Stack Packaging Machine: Some baby diaper brands offer stacked diaper packs for easy dispensing. The diaper stack packaging machine can arrange diapers into neat stacks and package them into bags or boxes.

You can choose the specific baby diaper packaging machine according to your need.

Baby Diaper Packaging Machine

The adult diaper making machine and packing machine

  • Core Formation and Absorbency Machine: Similar to baby diapers, the adult diapers have an absorbent core. We need to know that the absorbent core is an indispensable component in the diaper. Ok then, lets us know that the core formation machines for adult diapers may be larger and more robust to handle thicker materials and larger sizes.
  • Elastic Waistband and Leak Guard Application Machine: Adult diapers may have wider and stronger elastic waistbands and leak guards. Machines for applying these features are designed to accommodate the larger size and heavier-duty materials of adult diapers.

The packaging machine of the adult diaper

There is just one common kind of packaging machine for adult’s diaper.  Because the market demands of adult diaper is far lower than the baby diaper. This machine is the bulk packaging machine. Adult diapers are often produced in larger quantities for institutional or healthcare use. The bulk packaging machine can efficiently package large quantities of adult diapers into bags, cartons, or shrink-wrapped bundles.

Of course, our company also has the baby pants diaper packaging machine for you if you need.