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WOMENG Diaper Machine: A Good Choice For You

May 24, 2024 | Company News, News

In the past half-decade, sales of incontinence goods on a global scale, particularly adult diapers, have seen substantial growth. For this phenomenon, as one of the diaper machine manufacturers, our company committed to providing our clients with top-grade, high-performing adult diaper machinery. Alongside, we also offer baby diaper manufacturing machines for sale.

Why the sales of adult diaper increasing hugely

The first reason is that the trend of global aging is becoming more seriously. The rising number of senior citizens has correspondingly resulted in a heightened number of elderly individuals facing health issues. Various illnesses can cause seniors to lose control over their bodily functions, inevitably leading to the necessity for adult diapers.

The second reason is that the increase in chronic diseases. Kidney disease and prostate enlargement can cause a series of problems such as urinary incontinence or difficulty urinating. And these problems will inspect patient quality of life, then the adult diapers are beneficial in handling urinary incontinence issues, offering cleanliness and ease. They also minimize mental stress and help preserve personal dignity and self-sufficiency in everyday life.

Summarily, as we witness escalating aging trends, a rise in chronic illness, increased consumer spending, and incessant product innovation, the worldwide sales of adult diapers are predicted to persist in a growth trajectory.

Baby Diaper Production Line

The process of adult diaper production

As a China adult diaper machine manufacturer, we certainly know the process of making adult diaper, because we will base on these production processes to manufacture adult diaper machines which can perform these functions. The main steps of adult diaper product are as follows.

First step:

Preparate the raw material, usually, we suggest you to choose the superabsorbent polymers and fluff pulp as the absorbent materials, because there are good at absorb liquid. As the top sheet, the non-woven fabric is a good choice which has a soft touch. Then we can use the polyethylene film or breathable film to prevent leaks. Of course, the elastic bands on the waist and leg cuffs often choose the elastic materials to make. The elastic materials can ensure a snug fit​.

Second step:

When we have preparate these raw materials, we will make the absorbent core. At the first, we will use air laying technology to make the fluff pulp and SAP mix and lay down to form a uniform absorbent core.

And then we will compress absorbent cores to shape them accord the specified thickness and absorbency.

Third step:

The different layers will be assembled in this step.

Non-woven fabric will be laid as surface layer by us, and then we will then place the formed absorbent core onto the top sheet. As for the leakage barriers, we add the polyethylene film or breathable film around the absorbent core to complete this function.

Forth step:

Sealing process: Diaper edges are closed off utilizing heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing techniques to thwart leakages and guarantee lasting legitimacy.

Cutting procedure: The unbroken assembled strip of diaper material is segmentized into separate diapers, conforming to the specific size and shape stipulations.

Fifth step:

Visual Examination: Both mechanized systems and manual checks are utilized to identify any flaws or potential contamination.

Performance Assessment: Various tests are performed to scrutinize absorbency, leak protection, and overall longevity of the product, to ascertain they meet the stipulated benchmarks.

The production process of baby diaper production line is not much different from that of adult diapers. The difference of these two different diapers is that the baby diaper is more sophisticated and softer for comfort, because the baby skin is more tender than adults.

In addition, our company is also involved in manufacturing ladies’ disposable diapers machines. As we all know, the more refined the category, the better the machine can produce products with a fixed consumer group. The ladies’ disposable diapers machines can produce diapers that are more suitable for women. This product can make our consumer audience clearer and increase sales.